Why Manufacturing is Using Web and App-Based Portals for Bottom-Line Improvement

With the digitization and automation of the manufacturing industry, we’re living in a time where the industry is being transformed by data and machine learning. Coined “Industry 4.0,” computerized machines are processing huge volumes of data to improve processes which have a direct impact to a manufacturing business’ bottom line. To collect and access this data, many companies are turning to custom software to create web and app-based portals to help them communicate real-time information with customers, suppliers, employees and others.

What Portals Can Improve in Manufacturing

Along with providing a secure and transparent way for companies to interact with customers, portals can be a gateway to data for optimizing many internal processes including logistics, supply chains, sales, operations, inventory management, procurement, administrative management and more. It’s no longer just about using software to store data. Companies must use the data to develop strategies for improvement.

Portals in Manufacturing Company Supply Chains

When manufacturing companies want to provide more value to their customers instead of competing solely on price, they must find ways to improve customer satisfaction within the supply chain. By leveraging the technology behind a portal, a manufacturing company can simplify logistics by proactively providing information to users for adjusting inventory, shipments and other operations that save time and money.

ERP Systems and Real-Time Access to Data

Many smaller manufacturers are implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems which utilize software to manage everything from the supply chain, to financials, to HR and the manufacturing itself all within one platform. These systems help to automate business operations and help management make quicker decisions by providing them with real-time data through portals. As a working example, Antares’ team of software developers worked with one manufacturing company to create a secure, self-service web portal that allows for customers to view their invoices, purchase orders, certificates and other critical line-of-business documents. By implementing this system, the company now operates more efficiently, has lessened the administrative workload, and created a more seamless process by providing one location to access eCommerce and associated documents for clients.

Other Ways Portals Benefit Manufacturing Companies

If your organization is still using paper forms and spreadsheets to track information, you most likely could benefit from a custom portal. In some manufacturing companies, a web-based portal streamlines their employee on-boarding processes by allowing new employees to fill out forms online, then delivering them straight to human resources. In other manufacturing companies, a company portal helps to control suppliers by giving access to invoicing information, PO’s, ASN receiving and materials tracking.

Build a Custom Web Portal for Your Manufacturing Business

If you’re considering digitizing your systems and upgrading your manufacturing business with technology, Antares Technology Solutions can audit your processes and help you determine the best path to automation and better efficiency. Antares specializes in designing Intranets and Extranets that focus on improving company performance through Workflow and Automation, Document Management and Systems Integration. Contact us today for a complimentary software consultation.