Why Intranet Portals Are A Critical Tool for Government Agencies

Intranet portals offer a unique opportunity for government agencies to improve workflow efficiency, protect and share valuable institutional resources, and even transfer much-needed knowledge and skills. These customizable gateways promote collaboration between agencies and integrate a wide variety of tools for ease of use.

Coordinate agency resources

Intranet portals have the capacity to integrate legacy applications and system-wide databases. From one screen, users can access their Outlook calendars and email as well as forms and documents. More critically for government agencies, portals can integrate many intranets, simplifying interagency sharing and collaboration.

Enhance productivity and efficiency

By providing anywhere access and automated administration, intranet portals increase the productivity and efficiency of overburdened government employees. Easy access to up-to-date data, virtual collaboration, and the creation of templates for often-used documents keep processes running like clockwork. Automation of workflows such as employee appraisals and requests reduces unnecessary paperwork and tedious processes. Customized interfaces take into account the technical needs and capabilities of a wide range of users, ensuring all staff are able to operate at maximum confidence and competence.

Streamline collaboration, communication, and information sharing

Intranet portals facilitate seamless interagency data sharing and expedite collaboration. In this unique environment, leaders can distribute information within offices and across multiple office locations. When users search for data in a portal, they can do so assured the information they’re accessing is the most recent iteration.

Minimize security risks

Sharing sensitive information via email creates a serious security hazard. In an intranet portal, information is protected by user and group roles that limit access to protected data. Regular backups ensure information stays up-to-the-minute, to reduce the risk of data loss.

Improve institutional knowledge

In addition to ensuring users are seeing the most recent and accurate version of information resources, portals provide an ideal platform for online training to help eliminate gaps in skills and institutional knowledge. For government agencies addressing inadequate job succession planning, this feature alone can prove an invaluable tool.

Intranet portals for government agencies

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