The complexity of supply chain management demands a streamlined technology solution

One of the most comprehensive and revealing descriptions of supply chain management comes from The Handbook of Technology Management. In a sentence, it concisely captures the complexity of business logistics as “having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer.”

Supply chain management involves the coordination of dozens of diverse organizations, departments, and people. It demands the rapid capture and careful analysis of an overwhelming amount of data. It requires the precise planning and management of myriad resources, operations, processes, and activities.

The Rube Goldberg nature of logistics management is exactly what makes the supply chain industry an ideal candidate for digital adoption. Digitization has the potential to streamline and optimize intricate operations. Yet the industry is lagging behind others when it comes to technology integration, according to surveys conducted by The Hackett Group and McKinsey & Company.

Businesses that prioritize digitization of supply chain management are industry leaders

It may be that the complexity of supply chains is what makes some businesses hesitant to fully digitize logistics. While digitization might ultimately lead to more efficient processes, the act of implementing a technological solution can seem prohibitively complicated. In other cases, businesses prioritize marketing and distribution or products and services when developing their technology strategies, leaving supply chains to hobble along using analog processes or antiquated legacy systems.

Whatever the cause of the lag, statistics show bold digital investment across business areas yields higher ROI and revenue than siloed investments, and investing in technology solutions built specifically for supply chains can drastically improve efficiency and effectiveness.

How technology is transforming the supply chain industry for the better


Anywhere access paired with omnichannel coordination

Because the supply chain is comprised of diverse channel partners, operations are optimized when these diverse partners are empowered to easily access, share, and update data. Technology solutions equip partners with the ability to access real-time information from anywhere, to collaborate across channels, and to streamline workflows and information sharing.

Real-time information paired with analytics-based insights

The supply chain never rests. If you’re successful, purchases are constantly being made. Data is perpetually being added. Without appropriate technologies, it’s impossible for channel partners to manage so much data or to derive useful analytics. With digitization, data can be accessed in real-time. It can be captured, sliced, and diced quickly based on custom requirements, providing users with immediate, accurate, and actionable insights.

Labor-saving automation paired with time-saving workflow tools

More accurate data provides users with insights about both audiences and processes, and this data can be used immediately to optimize operations through automation based on business rules and workflow tools to streamline processes.

Gain the leading edge in the supply chain industry

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