The Startup Dilemma: Hire Staff Or Form A Partnership

Let’s be honest. Startups don’t face one dilemma. They face multiple dilemmas. From paper thin margins to insurmountable skills gaps, it’s a challenge to keep projects moving forward at a competitive clip. Forming a partnership with a team of experienced, professional developers is one way to solve numerous problems.

Limited resources

With few exceptions, the biggest challenge most startups face is a lack of resources. Budgetary restraints pose an obvious obstacle to maintaining operations, and tight finances are closely connected with another limitation – human resources. Hiring in-house staff requires marketing and vetting, annual salaries and benefit packages, as well as training – all of which adds up and takes a toll on meager resources.

When you outsource your tech work to experienced developers, you reclaim resources for fine-tuning your core competency, marketing your efforts, and getting your product to market faster. In addition, a high-quality tech company will have all of the necessary hardware and software in place to get your project up and running without costly capital outlay.

Constant distractions

Due to limited resources during the early days of a startup, most employees have to wear many hats. When your staff members are juggling several duties, it’s only a matter of time before someone drops a ball or two. The constant barrage of distractions reduces productivity and demoralizes in-house staff and leadership.

Outsourcing your tech solutions means that staff members can focus on fewer responsibilities without cutting corners. Your hired developers, meanwhile, can give your product development the full force of their concentration and years of expertise, meeting deadlines without overlooking critical details.

Lack of specialized expertise

While an in-house IT team may have a more nuanced understanding of your company culture, it’s unlikely they’ll have all of the specialized skill necessary to handle every project. They’ll likely have more generalized knowledge and be focused primarily on the maintenance of day-to-day operations.

Outsourcing projects to a team of experienced developers provides a broader range of expertise at your disposal, and your tech firm partner will be responsible for filling any spots that may require specialized technology knowledge. More critically, working with a team of professional developers equipped with proven methodologies like agile will improve the skill set of your internal team.

Relentless competition

Startups face competition from the behemoth companies that they’re attempting to disrupt, and rival disruptors pose a threat from every other direction. Building an in-house team that fits your company culture and comes equipped with the skill sets your project requires takes time. You’ll also have to spend time developing a software development process. While you’re spending six months to a year getting ready to start your project, your competition is getting their product to market.

When you outsource your software development to a team of proven experts, you can skip the hiring gamut and start your project with a tested development process. That means you can get your product to market sooner, beating out the competition.

Partner with Antares and get your product to market faster

At Antares, we’re more than a technology solution. Our team consists of experienced project managers, software architects, developers, UX designers, business analysts, and quality assurance analysts. In other words, we’re equipped to handle all of your startup’s needs without the expense of hiring and the distraction of multi-tasking. We bring unique and varied expertise that helps you get your product to market ahead of the competition.

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