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We know software

Antares applies our experience and software development knowledge to solve our clients’ business problems with innovative software solutions. We recommend and develop the right technology that fits your business best.

Web based &
Mobile Web Applications

Depending on how and what you need your clients or employees to access, a tried and true Web-based application using your computer’s browser (such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc) may be the best and easiest solution. It’s easy to develop, deploy and maintain. We thoroughly discuss and explore your business challenges and deliver applications that can grow and change as you need. We design Mobile Web Applications to run on your tablet or smartphone allowing you to have one code base to maintain and support for all your users.


Sometimes you need a more in-depth solution that pulls together information from various company data sources. These Portals can be designed as Intranets and Extranets and focus on improving company performance through Workflow and Automation, Document Management and Systems Integration. We work closely with our clients to build Portals that can be Cloud-based and hosted through a third party provider or run behind the client’s firewall within their internally hosted networks.

Client Server Applications

While the core of what we develop today is web-based, there are instances when the software needs to be designed to run as a client application - where the program runs locally on the device. The database is located on a remote server. Accessing it can be accomplished through web services or direct database connection. Data collection, performance, connectivity and special equipment or devices (such as lab equipment, custom computers/machines) are important considerations when taking this approach.

Business Intelligence

Now that you collect, process and store all this data why not turn it into valuable company information to help keep a pulse on your business and make informed decisions. Antares offers a Business Intelligence Assessment to determine how we can help our clients’ surface their data through Dashboards and Scorecards for easy review and monitoring. We can provide Data integration along with Reporting and Analysis Services.


As technology advancements are made, Antares commits to embracing such change and implementing the latest trends to meet software challenges that clients face. As our company has been a Microsoft Partner for almost two decades now, naturally the ‘goto’ (no pun intended as we don’t use this within our code base. If you must, utilize the link to learn more) toolbox that Antares has kept close by is the diverse range of frameworks and technologies within the Microsoft stack (.NET Framework, ASP.NET, Web API, Microsoft SQL). We also have grown and respect other flavors of frameworks to enhance the user experience and capabilities of our solutions (not all inclusive: JavaScript and many of the latest responsive and back-end frameworks from A to Z [i.e. Angular, Bootstrap, DevExpress, Esri, Express, Node, React, Sencha, Telerik, Zurb]). As data becomes even more important to recognize ROI, process bottlenecks, and the wide variety of sources connecting to ‘data’, the back-end systems must include additional or different database engines and dialects. Document centric platforms (MongoDB, Oracle NoSQL, etc.) have proven that relational data is not the only option within enterprise solutions and cases have shown that a blended approach may be best for your data needs. To get our work done on time and within budget, Antares utilizes the latest technologies for project management to include sharing of source code for peer-review processes, tracking work items, and shipping software all within Visual Studio Team Services. Recognizing that the Visual Studio 2015 IDE is core to most of our projects, we realize that other platforms may require special tools to get the job done. This is where our expertise in using older versions of Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and WebStorm comes into play, allowing us to leverage the best tool for the job at hand.

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