Portals – A secure and transparent way for companies to interact with customers

A portal offers your customers secure access to information, responsive interactions with your brand, and easy self-service capabilities. In short, a portal adds value to your customer experience. Here’s how a custom portal can create a more secure and transparent way to interact with your customer base.

Empower customers

Having to call a helpline to inquire about rates or to change personal information is a hassle. Portals equip customers with all of the tools they need to manage their own interactions with your business. From one central location, a customer can place an order, update their payment information or address, and review their purchase history. A portal acts as a single point of access to all of your business’ applications, services, and content, creating a seamless, convenient experience.

Personalize user experiences

The hallmark of a successful modern business is personalization. Customers don’t just want their experiences to be individualized, they demand it. Portals allow customers to select their own communication preferences and to customize the types of content they receive as well as how they receive it. With the personal data you gain through their interactions, you can further refine customers’ experiences by presenting information based on each user’s journey and offering exclusive content to meet their needs.

Integrate data

Portals have the power to integrate information from various sources throughout your business’ data storage architecture, providing customers and employees with the same unified view. This allows all users to easily search content, track orders, and update information. Users can add to your data repository by completing online forms, like requests for support and for quotes. The updates are made in real time, keeping your database current.

Reduce errors

Integrated data and real time updates ensure everyone has access to the most recent information, which reduces the risk of confusion and error. Equipping electronic forms with pre-populated fields makes self-service even more convenient for customers while further reducing manual errors.

Secure information

In addition to creating a more transparent view of data, portals secure data. Unlike traditional email platforms, portals can be equipped with encryption technology and robust cybersecurity protocols to safeguard file transfers and protect your customers’ personal information.

Streamline processes

In addition to providing your customers with easier access to information and an enhanced customer experience, portals save your business time and money. Routine tasks like billing, scheduling, and payments can be automated, allowing your customer service representatives to focus on more challenging problems.

Antares improves interactions

At Antares, we help businesses across a variety of industries improve interactions through custom portals. Whether you’re a government office seeking to improve inter-agency collaboration or an established business ready to extend your customer services and interaction online, we tailor our software solutions to your precise needs. Contact us today to learn how.