5 Benefits of Having Custom Software Developed for Your Business

Working with the proper software in your business is critical for the efficiency of daily operations. Sometimes a traditional off-the-shelf software package is enough for your needs at that moment, but often it’s not designed to grow with you. Relying on a custom software development company is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury due to constant growth and evolution within various industries. This is particularly the case if you are in insurance, healthcare, finance, oil and gas, or commercial software product development. Here are some of the important benefits to consider about custom software.

Maintenance When You Need It

Since your custom software doesn’t have an expiration date, the maintenance on it is available as long as you need it to be. Compare this to a standard software package, where you never know when the company will decide to discontinue the product and maintenance. With custom software development, you can be at peace knowing a sudden change in support or operations won’t occur. You are in control of your software.

Software Designed Specifically For Your Business

Any software is an investment for a company, so it’s always best to ensure it meets all of your needs. When it comes to custom software development, you work directly with the developers to discuss your needs and desires. Once the application is designed, you work closely with the developer to ensure it meets all of your requirements, and adjustments are made accordingly.

Superior Technical Support

One of most convenient aspects of custom software development is that the people who develop your software will also be able to provide technical support. Since these professionals were heavily involved in creating the software, they are the experts and know the product inside and out.

Maximize Your Investment

A common misconception is that custom software is significantly more expensive than a standard, off-the-shelf program. This is not always the case. Even if the upfront cost is a higher with custom software, the long-term costs can be far less when you consider specific features it offers tailored to your needs and its ability to grow with your business. Plus, you don’t have to worry about unknown changes made by the vendor which may affect your processes and business workflow.

Heightened Security

Cyber criminals spend a lot of time trying to hack into standard software packages. Since there is more information to find on packaged software, they are often easier to hack. In fact, many hackers won’t even attempt to breach your custom software since it’s not an easy target to find or access, and therefore not worth their effort. Custom software allows security to be designed around your needs.

Antares has 30 years of experience providing software outsourcing for businesses large and small. We work with our clients to ensure their software is designed to make workflows and operations more efficient, which will boost the bottom line in the short-term and long-term. To learn how custom software can benefit your business, contact us today.



RECAP: Activate Conference Hackathon, Presented by Antares

Baton Rouge has such an amazing pool of tech talent! We saw this first-hand at this year’s Activate Conference, which hosted its first Hackathon this year, presented by Antares. The conference itself began two years ago by a handful of local, dedicated tech professionals who wanted to engage the tech community, particularly students and young adults, and bolster interest in the technology field regionally. The Hackathon, which was held on Feb. 23, was an amazing way to showcase the talent we have here in Baton Rouge. One of the things that excited Antares most about this Hackathon is that the winning application may be adopted and integrated into the city’s code base. This gives young, emerging tech talent an opportunity see their application used in real life to the benefit of their city.

Several teams consisting of four to six participants each used Baton Rouge’s Open Data Portal to develop a creative technology solution that improves the way the city works. The applications developed at the event included:

  • A web app that helps people considering moving to Baton Rouge better understand the area they’re looking  to buy a home in
  • An app that allows you to schedule activities at BREC facilities
  • A BI interface that allows users to visualize data and year-over-year trends using City-Parish data
  • A chatbox that allows citizens to report blight using text message capabilities
  • A searchable database of local businesses with notification functions when a business’s status changes

The winning teams were Tiger Bytes (student team), who created the web app to help people looking to move to Baton Rouge better understand the area; and Jabberwocky (professional team), who created the chat box for reporting blight. The City Council will review the projects to determine how they will be implemented in real life.

Congratulations to the winners, as well as the other participants, for such a spectacular showcase! As a Baton Rouge-based company, Antares hopes to see more of these valuable, local opportunities for young tech enthusiasts.

Team Tiger Bytes:

Team Jabberwocky:




Overview: The Louisiana Insurance Pest Control Association’s CIRCA Project

Antares undertook a 12-month-long project for the development of a custom, cohesive integrated insurance system for the Louisiana Insurance Pest Control Association (LIPCA), an insurance agency that was created and is operated by pest management professionals and their families. Prior to the project, LIPCA operated four different applications to run their business. So Antares’ objective was to develop a single software package that made LIPCA’s processes more streamlined and improved efficiency and accuracy.

Antares developed CIRCA, a custom, cohesive integrated insurance system designed around LIPCA’s processes and needs. The new system reduces costs by removing dependency on old software and associated maintenance contract. The system was built with a desktop client that provides underwriting, claim tracking, accounting, reporting, and other Insurance LOB functionality.

The application was developed closely with LIPCA leadership. Many of the commercial packages on the market designed for the small to mid-market insurance carriers do not provide for all three key business functions: create the quote, bind the policy and issue the forms. The custom designed workflow solutions allow smaller agencies to increase and grow their business without adding staff. The streamlined software activities eliminated human error and redundant tasks.

Most notably, LIPCA was able to double their revenue without doubling staff.



Antares to Sponsor Stage at 2018 French Quarter Festival

It’s no secret – we love New Orleans. And we love music. That’s why Antares is proud to contribute to events that contribute to the culture and quality of life in our region. This year, Antares is sponsoring the Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Stage at the 2018 French Quarter Festival! Come hang out with Ralph Melian and the team on Saturday, April 14 from 7-8:30PM in Woldenberg Park. OTRA will be on stage, delighting festival goers with the syncopated rhythms of Afro-Cuban jazz.
Not familiar with OTRA yet? The band was formed in Feb. 2002 by bassist Sam Price. After performing with other New Orleans-area latin bands that played a standard repertoire of popular latin covers, Price sought to create an original project that would emphasize creativity, powerful soloing, and irresistible grooves, while honoring the Afro-Cuban roots of ‘Latin’ music. OTRA has become a favorite among the New Orleans music scene, and is a favorite of the Antares team as well.
We hope to see you at the festival!



What is the Difference Between an Intranet and Extranet Portal?

An intranet portal and an extranet portal have many similarities, so it’s understandable when people have a hard time differentiating the two. Simply put, an intranet is defined as an internal network allowing employees to communicate, collaborate, generate content and work towards developing the company culture. An extranet performs the same functions, but also ties in access for external parties, like vendors, clients, partners or other parts of the company. Many business software solutions today actually combine the portals to create maximum efficiency. Here are the differences between the two and how they are used effectively.

Intranet Portals Streamline Daily Activities

Intranet portals make communication easier and raises the levels of employee engagement. Employees can share documents with one another, stay organized and always keep in touch with each other easily. Plus, intranet portals make it simple for remote employees to collaborate with people in the office without actually being there. The importance of intranet portals and custom software development has increased over the years, as more companies are becoming decentralized and need a simple means of communication and collaboration internally.

Extranet Portals Streamline External Activities

An extranet portal can serve many purposes, but typically they help streamline routine activities that occur regularly. Businesses will have the ability to communicate, place orders, share documents and other activities with external parties that generally require phone calls or emails. Consider the ease of use for your vendors, clients and partners as well. With an extranet, information is available around the clock, so there is less pressure to do certain tasks during normal business hours. One of the main concerns with extranet portals is security, but the best business software solutions design an extranet portal with security as a top priority.

Bring Intranets and Extranets Together With Custom Software

Custom software development companies today are combining extranets and intranets together more than ever before. Industries like healthcare, insurance, finance, commercial product development and oil and gas all require internal and external collaboration at all times, so custom business software solutions make sense for them. When intranets and extranets are combined into a single software solution, communication is made much easier, not to mention the time, money and energy saved by having processes streamlined.

Antares is a software development company developing and implementing both intranet extranet portals for businesses. We are focused on innovation and flexibility when we design any business software solutions, since our main goal is to provide every client with the right solution to help them improve their workflows, automation and productivity. With nearly 30 years of experience, we are confident we can help your company solve any software-related problems to improve efficiency. For more information on intranet and extranet portals, and how they can work for your business, contact us today.

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If you or someone you know fits this description, contact Laura Thomas via email at lthomas@antaresnet.com. Come make a difference in our fast-growing tech company!