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We Build Custom Software for Law Enforcement Agencies

We fully understand the unique and pressing needs of law enforcement officials, and we recommend and develop the right technology that fits your department's needs. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to explore how we can solve your department's software challenges.

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Learn how Antares improved the operational efficiency of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office by developing a new Electronic Log Book Web App.

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We needed our Jail Log Book program rewritten in a more efficient and current technology. Antares’ application has greatly improved our tracking and reporting activities. Additionally, our IT department can now fix issues remotely instead of making regular service calls to the Sherriff’s Department. The application has also enabled us to upgrade all of the old computers in the field.

- I/S Project Manager, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office


Law enforcement personnel need simple, tried-and-true technology infrastructure to operate efficiently. A Web-based Application using your computer’s browser (such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc) may be the best and easiest solution. It’s easy to develop, deploy and maintain, and users within the agency can be trained quickly and painlessly. You may also require a Mobile Web Applications to run on your tablet or smartphone, allowing for a single code base and ease of access for all users. We will thoroughly explore your agency’s challenges and deliver applications that can grow and change based on your needs.


Sometimes law enforcement personnel need a more in-depth solution that pulls together information from various agency data sources. These Portals can be designed as Intranets and Extranets and focus on improving agency performance through Workflow and Automation, Document Management and Systems Integration. We work closely with our clients to build Portals that can be Cloud-based and hosted through a third-party provider, or run behind the client’s firewall within their internally hosted networks.


As the needs of law enforcement agencies change, so does technology and the tools for building them. Obsolete technology can prevent agencies from operating efficiently, and even prevent them from being able to update their antiquated equipment in the field. Antares has a history of working with law enforcement and other government agencies to take the core functionality of their legacy software applications as well as paper processes and develop cutting-edge software solutions around them.

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