How you can scale your business growth with custom software

“Off the shelf” software offers an affordable solution for emerging businesses trying to keep technology costs low. However, as businesses mature and expand, commercial software can inhibit operational efficiency, limit growth, and pose a risk to institutional security. If you’re scaling your business, custom software increases flexibility and control while reducing long-term outlay.

Improve flexibility during periods of growth

As your business evolves, your software needs will change. Off the shelf software is built to be affordable, not flexible. Adding custom features to your commercial software is complicated, and in some cases impossible. Cobbling together plugins and APIs to make your commercial software work creates inefficiencies and insecurities.

Custom software is designed to grow with your business. Features are built for easy expansion and adaptability. This flexibility is critical during times of growth when you have no room for technological errors and breakdowns.

Increase control over your processes and data

When you rely on commercial software, you’re at the mercy of the market. The software is designed for everyone with processes like yours. In other words, it’s designed as much for your competitors as it is for you. Because commercial software developers make their money by selling to a large market, the end product may not be ideally suited to your processes. It certainly won’t give you an advantage over the competition, who are using the same product.

On the other hand, custom software is designed to align strategically with your business requirements and objectives. Each element of a custom program serves a specific purpose while bloatware that bogs down software is eliminated. In addition to streamlining your technology processes, custom software equips you to optimize operations. Many time-consuming tasks can be automated, giving you greater control over your time and resources.

Reduce long-term expenses

The most common objection to custom software is the cost. While it’s true that the upfront investment of commercial software is smaller, the costs begin to mount as your business grows. If your off the shelf solution isn’t capable of scaling with your business, constantly jerry-rigging it to meet your needs can be prohibitively expensive over time, not to mention the cost of breakdowns and security hazards.

Because custom software is built with both your long-term goals and immediate requirements in mind, it will function optimally for much longer. Fewer unanticipated and expensive upgrades will be necessary as your developers will have taken expected growth into account. A savvy development team will also anticipate potential challenges and design software capable of supporting your business growth and scaling to your needs.

Custom software by Antares gives businesses a competitive advantage.

Antares designs and builds proprietary software that perfectly suits your processes and aligns with your goals. This gives you a distinct advantage over competitors relying on off the shelf software, and as you grow, your software will grow with you. Contact us today to learn how our custom software solutions can help you scale your business.