How Government Agencies Benefit from a Legacy Software Upgrade

A 2016 report by the United States Government Accountability Office showed that technical debt has taken a serious toll on government agencies. Outdated legacy systems create security vulnerabilities, contribute to operational inefficiencies, and hinder the responsiveness of agencies to their clients. While an upgrade from a decades-old system does require finesse and financing, it can make an enormous impact on functionality, efficiency, and even cost-effectiveness.

How a legacy software upgrade improves functionality

Many legacy systems have become so cumbersome and outdated that they pose an obstacle to productivity. Modern systems have come a long way in terms of boosting operational efficiency. They’re faster, more sophisticated, and can be customized to the unique needs of both the agency office and the public.

Superior security with modern technology

Outdated IT systems are at a greater risk of cybersecurity breach. Many of these legacy systems don’t receive regular security patches. They’re running software that isn’t supported anymore, and in some cases, there are no IT professionals who work in the legacy code. A modern system, on the other hand, is designed with modern threats in mind. It can be customized and hardened to ensure the impenetrability of each agency office.

Newer software requires fewer fixes

While a transition from legacy to modern IT does come with a price tag, the financial cost of repairs to legacy software and the productivity loss of downed legacy systems makes outdated software the more expensive proposition. A state-of-the-art, custom system will run more smoothly with fewer operational costs than an aging system.

Making government agencies more responsive

Modern consumers are accustomed to doing business with responsive companies. Using outdated software, a government agency can’t keep up with the demand for more personal attention and faster service. An upgraded system equips offices to improve existing processes and innovate new ways to improve services.

Antares has worked with several government agencies to custom design and construct software capable of improving functionality, security, and responsiveness. We help agencies transition smoothly from their legacy systems to more modern options, providing support at every step along the way.

As a real world example, download our Case Study on the new St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Jail Log Book Application built by Antares.   Contact us today to learn how we can help modernize and make your software work for you.