Client Spotlight- M-I SWACO

M-I SWACO, a division of Schlumberger Limited, offers an all-inclusive line of high-efficiency specialized tools for wellbore cleanup operations.  Their new-generation specialized tools are based on an industry-wide study they conducted on best practices in wellbore cleanup techniques. M-I SWACO’s specialized tools ensure that wellbore and downhole components are clean, delivering a clear path for unrestricted production.

Antares developed for M-I SWACO the TMA application, a custom Tool Maintenance Administration solution.  This is a separate web-based management interface for maintenance of a shared database with M-I’s production application administrator tool which creates layouts for oil well drillpipe schematics. TMA’s integrated solution allows M-I SWACO to export and print schematics with accurate representations of their tools drawn to scale while including other relevant details such as diameters, weights, and notes from engineers.