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It’s what we do and have excelled at since 1988.

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Strategic Software Consulting & Development
it's what we do...

Strategic Software Consulting and Development is what we do and have excelled in for over twenty-six years. We are your Software Solution Architects, diligently finding ways to solve your business problems through software.

Enterprise Level Applications

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"Enterprise software represents the glue that ties together teams and business processes, especially in global organizations."

- ZDNet

From the start, Antares has built Enterprise Applications to integrate, simplify and consolidate business information, processes and workflow. Regardless of your industry be it health care, oil and gas, insurance or traditional corporate back office needs, we have developed software to support users across their company enterprise bringing together people and systems.

Core Business Applications

The application
at the heart of what you do...

Often businesses identify software needs that are core to their business whether it's a solution that’s needed internally or for client use or access. We know what it takes to create a quality application that delivers what is core to your business. The right software solution may include integration of off the shelf packages, line of business apps or custom portals bringing all their systems together enabling the user to work from one-web based location – in the cloud or behind your fire wall.

Custom Proprietary Software

The application
unlike any other...

You may have built your business on a unique, proprietary process that gives you the edge on the competition. Developing a completely custom software application gives you the advantage to run your business your way. To help you do that, we build a collaborative partnership with you leveraging your business knowledge to design and develop an application perfectly suited to your needs. It’s your software giving you control over your business application to grow, adjust and evolve as needed.

Technology Refresh &

Legacy Software Updates

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moving you forward...

As times and business needs change, so does technology and the tools for building them. Antares has a long, rich history of working with clients to take the core functionality of their legacy software applications as well as paper processes and developing leading edge software solutions around them. Whether the new solution is cloud based, mobile / tablet focused or traditional database applications, Antares maximizes client investment in architecting the latest solution from older business software that has often been the key to a company’s growth.

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