Application Security: does your solution let you sleep at night?

In a deliberate effort to stay current and meet industry standards within the technology space, the Antares A-Team develops solutions with great care. After all, business solutions, regardless of size and budget, have a single critical requirement unique to them all: security. Many perspectives come into play within the discussions of security. However, our core focus is to ensure that a software application is protected from unauthorized use. Sounds simple enough; yet daily, if not hourly throughout the world, breaches of security surface in various news groups that affect us all. This is where Antares shines, as we strive to not only keep your application secure, but also protect your data from loss.

“Here, there be Dragons” (Owen)

The effort here will be at a high level. The intent is to not involve too many technical terms, mythical creatures, magic, or even luck; Yes, it may seem that magic comes into play as well as luck in our daily efforts and life in general. What do mythical creatures have to do with all this? Well, within a vast majority of codebases, developers often have areas of code, or snippets, that just gets complicated. A developer  can include comments within the code to alert those that follow. “Here, there be Dragons” (Owen),  can be found within code around the world commenting such sections  which quickly tell the reviewer to:

  • STOP
  • Grab a beverage of choice
  • Get mentally prepared in their preferred way
  • Proceed into the code snippet carefully ONLY if absolutely necessary
  • Understand that within a few minutes, they will probably need to take a break as it makes NO SENSE to anyone other than the original developer

For developers more accustomed to emojis, memes, and other oddities within social communication platforms, they often decorate code that is either complicated or downright wrong and in desperate need of attention with #cry. That being declared, what does luck have to do with any of this? Well, as in life, and certainly in the technology industry, people roll with the punches when things are going bad. Was it planned? Of course not; however, anytime we rely on things that we cannot control, we take on a certain amount of risk.

Why the Digression

Why mention any of this in a security blog? Well, think of it this way: developers “today” are human and shockingly we make mistakes. We start off a project based on our team’s expertise. We leverage internal staff, developer communities, industry specialists and project champions. Subject-matter experts are secured to ensure that the solution being designed and developed meets the needs of our clients. Our clients are directly involved in planning the system to help protect intellectual property and process. It is an effort that relies heavily on human coordination, communication, and from time-to-time magic. With all of this, its critical to ensure that everyone involved within a software project is aware of security practices and understands the importance of protecting the system’s data.

Stay Tuned

In the weeks to follow, the Antares A-Team will explore what is trending in the industry and report on any findings related to security – good or bad. We will try to indicate, where possible, how our Enterprise solutions adhere to best practices and security standards. The hope is to inform you that there is a better way to manage your business needs and that Antares is a solution provider that will help you sleep at night.

Owen, James A. The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica (Book 1). New York City: Simon & Schuster, 2006. Print.