Antares to Sponsor Stage at 2018 French Quarter Festival

It’s no secret – we love New Orleans. And we love music. That’s why Antares is proud to contribute to events that contribute to the culture and quality of life in our region. This year, Antares is sponsoring the Tropical Isle Hand Grenade Stage at the 2018 French Quarter Festival! Come hang out with Ralph Melian and the team on Saturday, April 14 from 7-8:30PM in Woldenberg Park. OTRA will be on stage, delighting festival goers with the syncopated rhythms of Afro-Cuban jazz.
Not familiar with OTRA yet? The band was formed in Feb. 2002 by bassist Sam Price. After performing with other New Orleans-area latin bands that played a standard repertoire of popular latin covers, Price sought to create an original project that would emphasize creativity, powerful soloing, and irresistible grooves, while honoring the Afro-Cuban roots of ‘Latin’ music. OTRA has become a favorite among the New Orleans music scene, and is a favorite of the Antares team as well.
We hope to see you at the festival!