AI is everywhere. What does it mean for the average business owner?

In 2017, the research firm Gartner predicted 2018 would mark the dawn of a “democratization of AI.” The company’s prognosis for 2019 points to the disruption of industries and the adoption of new business models. While some forecasters warn of future job losses and other unintended consequences of AI adoption, the fact is we’re all benefiting from the Age of Artificial Intelligence today.

You’re probably already using AI

In online customer support

If your business harnesses cutting edge customer service tools like autoresponder emails and chatbots, you’re relying on the customer service potential of AI.

In business operations

If you use computer programs to map the fastest shipping routes or to automatically direct service requests, you’re employing the logistical efficiency of AI.

In sales and business forecasting

If you speed up data acquisition and analysis with algorithms, you’re gaining meaningful predictive capabilities and automated insights via AI.

In safeguarding your business assets

If you rely on security applications to detect outages, breaches, and fraud, you’re benefiting from the real-time responses of AI.

In marketing and advertising

If you use software to segment audiences and re-target website visitors on advertising platforms, you’re capitalizing on the automation and analytical powers of AI.

But maybe you could be using it better

If your business’ adoption of AI has been piecemeal, you’re probably not gaining the full advantage of artificial intelligence. By developing a cohesive, strategic plan for the implementation and integration of machine learning, augmented analytics, and other AI tools, you equip your business with the power to become a full citizen in the innovative new democracy that awaits us.

At Antares, we work with enterprises in a variety of industries to facilitate the transition to a modern business model that makes the most of AI and other innovative software solutions. From custom applications built to meet your exact specifications to portals that use augmented analytics and automated security precautions to optimize operations, we’re equipped with the knowledge, skills, and foresight to prepare your business for the future of business.

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