Antares has always been committed to technology in the capital region as well as statewide.  We are excited to participate in the TEC-NEXT conference and especially to sponsor the Thursday morning kick-off breakfast. New technologies are changing and influencing heavy industry. South Louisiana is an industry-rich state, where new applications of technologies are already being deployed and more are being developed. According to an early Industry 4.0 report from McKinsey, manufacturers in the United States lag other nations in technology transitions in industry. There are already large conferences on this topic, but leaders from the petrochemical and chemical industry acknowledge there is a need for a more in-depth opportunity for engagement on this topic, where industry leaders can meet with their national and global counterparts in a small event setting to explore practices with each other, and interact with technology experts specializing in the Industry 4.0 space. There is an exciting opportunity to engage industry and technology leaders to see the latest, learn from each other, and envision what’s next.

Industry technology leaders from multiple manufacturing companies based in Louisiana are hosting this dynamic two-day event to gather experts from industry and technology for a high value, “TED” conference-like gathering. Local, national, global leaders from the chemical and petrochemical manufacturing industry will share what they are developing and installing currently as new technology-driven tools and processes, and technology leaders will participate.

Date:           October 3rd & 4th, 2019

Where:        The Shaw Center, 100 Lafayette St., Baton Rouge, LA 70801

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 We look forward to seeing you there and taking part in growing the technology industry in Louisiana.



Antares Welcomes New Employee, Nick White

Antares is excited to welcome our new Project Coordinator, Nick White. Nick is a client focused professional who has over thirteen years of custom software experience to share in support and service to Antares clients. He enjoys taking on a client’s most challenging issue and turning it into a solution that can make a difference. Nick is an active leader in Scouting and enjoys coaching youth Basketball and Football at his son’s school.

Along with his love of all things technology, Nick is also an avid space enthusiast and gets more than excited when there is news of a new rocket launch (or landing!)  Whether searching through SQL, configuring Servers or working on workflow items, Nick will find a solution and have fun while doing it.