UP Professional Solutions is an employment sourcing company with proven success in providing the highest quality professionals in the petrochemical and specialty manufacturing industries.  Founded by Professional Engineers in 1980, they were built on a foundation based on safety, experience and the highest integrity, allowing UP to understand the needs and desires of both clients and career seekers. With over 37 years of experience, UP continues to succeed in their mission, nurturing decades-long relationships with career seekers, employees and industry leaders support throughout North America and short-term international engagements.

Antares built UP Professional’s proprietary software, Salus which is a cloud based software solution and works as a process improvement tool.  Salus provides UP’s clients with a catalog of roles and responsibilities for their assigned professional employees.  The Salus online catalog ensures quality at an effective price through an efficient process and adds an additional layer of protection for consistent, timely, and accurate performance for their clients project.

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